Hair Replacement

Hair replacement can be called a few names

  • Hair Transplants
  • Grafts
  • FUE Hair Restoration

The hair replacement is known as a surgical procedure and can be used to help people who have suffered from cancer and/or other illnesses.  Hair can be taken from other parts of the body and used to replace the hair follicle on the scalp (for example).

Hair is sometimes referred to as being harvested, this is when new hair is grown and grafted back onto the scalp.  It is important that the hair follicle is planted in such a way that it looks natural when it grows.  A technician would normally do this end part of the process to ensure the individual grafts are correctly placed.

Hair Replacement Treatments

We recommend that if you are thinking about hair replacement, hair transplant or another of the treatments that you speak to the specialist who will advise on what is best for you.  We do urge you to consider its not a quick fix, there is a process to follow to ensure you get natural looking, healthy new hair and its not a process that can be rushed.  Some people think clinics draw things out to get more money from you, however we know first-hand this isn’t the case.  We recommend this clinic, they have various offices throughout the U.K. and they are very experienced in hair replacement work.

First Step Towards Hair Restoration

Some Trichologists will ask if you have told your G.P. you are getting any work done, its always a safety caution to tell your G.P. in advance just on the off-chance you need to see them afterwards.  You should enjoy the process of having a hair transplant / hair replacement, you will feel better, look better and overall feel sexy and good about yourself.  To see which clinic is best for you, click here and look for your City.