Biofibre Hair Transplant

Biocompatible Artificial Hair

The Biocompatible Hair is revolutionary and is used on millions of people worldwide.  It offers a high hair density and it comes in different lengths, colours and texture.  All with the goal of matching human hair.  It is the perfect anti-ageing solution for male and female, hoping to have a natural looking head of hair.

Biofibre Hair Implants require no maintenance, they are hassle free and will last for years.  The results are instant and its an affordable treatment.  The Trichologist in this clinic will advise and recommend the best treatment for you, based on your personal circumstances and financial situation.

The Biofibre Hair Transplant

The procedure needs to be carried out by a specialist, its a very good alternative to getting your own hair follicles taken from other parts of your body and grafted into your scalp.  The hair will last for years and be hassle and maintenance free.  You will feel you have more spare time in your day / week to focus on important things.  You will look sexy, more youthful and carefree.  Your confidence will soar and a lot of patients lead an active, sporty lifestyle.  There are no restrictions re hobbies when you have the Biofibre Hair Transplant.

The treatment can be done on its own, or as an accompaniment to other treatments.  Some professionals call it the anti-ageing treatment for the hair.  We recommend this clinic, the staff are friendly and they are all knowledgeable about their services.  The prices are fair and in some cases I believe they allow patients to pay treatments up, meaning it can be affordable.  If you are interested, you should check out their website for more information and to find out about their locations throughout the U.K. We know several people who have gone there and been very happy with the service they received.