hair-transplantLaser Hair Transplant

Most people don’t like the sound of the phrase `Laser Hair Transplant’ they imagine it hurting their scalp and being left with wounds.  Nothing could be further from the truth, you are treated as an Out-Patient, meaning you can go home to your own bed at night-time and you are given a local anaesthetic to ensure you don’t feel any discomfort.  The laser hair transplant is permanent and we strongly suggest you speak to a professional Trichologist about this procedure if you are losing your hair.

The laser encourages new hair growth and the process can take anything up to 9 months from start through to final treatment.  It is not a quick fix, in and out, treatment.  The Trichologist is the only qualified person to assess your hair follicle and tell you why your hair is either breaking off or falling out.

It may be that you are suffered a chronic illness or have been involved in a fatal accident, or maybe its in your family genes, regardless you should speak to the professionals who can give you some sound advice.  The laser hair transplant is not the only option available to you, we recognise that there are other treatments in the marketplace; Biofibre Hair Transplant, FUT and FUE Hair Transplant.  Non-Surgical and Hair Replacement.

The overall goal of working with a hair transplant clinic is to have a full head of thick, luscious hair that you feel confident about, looks natural and nobody would guess you have even had the treatment in the first place.  So, why not arrange an appointment, speak to the professionals and get an honest opinion about what is possible.  Only then can you make up your mind and make an informed decision.  The only person that benefits is you. For any hair transplant replacehair is here to help your hair loss and we would recommend them.